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Launchpad and PPA - here we go!

So, after having build a debian package of python-wine, I thought it would be an easy thing to set up a PPA and start actually distributing my work on the Wine/Gnome integration... Well, turns out it was a bit trickier than I thought and I consequently had to rebuild the python-wine package from scratch, but at least it should now follow the Ubuntu/Debian Packaging Guidelines! :D (though lintian still complains about stuff the guideline says is correct... hmm...)

Anywho! The PPA is set up and the first package is being build so now you should be able to add my PPA and have automatic updates to python-wine, and hopefully the rest of my work in the near future.

While I'm on the subject I have to comment on how annoying the documentation is for building packages. I'm sure it's just dandy if you are building a package from someone else's work and it's coded in a compiled language, but it only gives an example on how build a package of a python application, no word on how a module or extension would work, or how something like a Nautilus extension or other single-file-or-small-script-package would have to be build. I'm sure I'll figure this stuff out eventually, but it's going to be by trial and error and by looking at other people's packages, not by reading documentation, which is sad. I hear good things about Ubuntu's Quickly project, but so far it seems a bit too "magical" for me since there's very little documentation on what it actually does behind the scenes to make me trust that it won't make a mess of things for me instead. Of course, I could stop complaining and publish some documentation instead, but to be honest I don't fee I know enough of the subject yet to do so... maybe in the future.

Anyway, enough rambling! Here's my PPA.