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Linux Mint - Wow!

After having my partitions mangled once again, again, again by Windows, I decided I had to clean up my Linux - and by clean up, I mean reinstall, though I still use the same config files for my program - I love how you can do that in Linux.

But anyway, instead of reinstalling Ubuntu Hardy, which has given me so many problems with my notepad's ATI graphic card, I figured I might as well try Mint again, since it was a very enjoyable ride last time, and it sure still is!

So far I like practically everything about the new Mint! Their funky little menu-ting (though it makes setting preferences slightly slower than the standard Gnome menu, though that's not really an issue since it not something one should have to anyway), their theme (and the excellent included themes), how everything is automated, from video codecs to software installation and checking, and most of all because it let me boot into CompizFusion without any configuration at all - with working video none the less (something I never got working right in Ubuntu).

I don't know how on earth the Mint team has achieved this, since it should function exactly like Ubuntu in regards to drivers, but for some reason Mint just works.

If I gave out stars, Mint would get five out five (or maybe 4.9 because of the redundant, and slighly ugly, welcome setup) - if you haven't already tried Linux Mint, I recommend you give it a go - especially if you've never tried Linux before and want to see what alle the hype is about ;)