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Find the 32bit deb package from your 64bit system

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has had to install a 32bit version of some package to get a game or other program not designed for 64bit to work in 64bit Linux/Ubuntu/Debian and I'm sure others will nod in agreement at how difficult it can be to find the 32bit version, especially if you need a bunch and don't really have the time to wade through (or for that matter), so I've cooked up a little Python script to find the URL for the 32bit version of a package for you.

It's here.

You just run it with the name of the package you want to find as the first argument, like so:

1$ ./ libpulse0

See? Easy.

Also note that it found it in a PPA - it uses your package database, so everything you can theoretically install can be found in a 32bit version.